Our Services & Facilities

We are unique in that we can provide 24 hours care 7 days a week, immediately following all surgical procedures needing post-operative rehabilitative treatment. Our team approach includes the ability to facilitate the transfer of care from a referred patients surgical facility to our rehabilitative center :

-> patient transportation, direct communication with surgeon and staff, follow up information to both surgical and primary care providers, as well as accessible visits for clients, all contribute to the healing and enhanced quality of patient recovery.

> In addition, we emphasize preventive medicine, and rehabilitation treatment for conditions such as arthritis and obesity.


  • Horses – Equine Fee Schedule:

• 2 week minimum stay; $100/day
• 4 week recommended stay; $85/day

Daily Fees Include:
• Underwater Treadmill Therapy Treatment Session
• Feeding (Strategy, Equine Senior. Client must provide additional
feed/supplements based on individual needs of patient).
• Grooming
• Stall Maintenance 3x/day



  • Dogs – Canine Fee Schedule:

• Overnight Stay $15 (food provided by client)
• Underwater Treadmill Treatment per day $30
• Underwater Treadmill Therapy Treatment per day $32
• Ten Treatment Package $300